Product launch Hannes Camper Vans

At the beginning of 2023, the established camper rental company Hannes Camper ventured into manufacturing and has been producing its own premium panel vans ever since. We played a key role in press communications for the product launch right from the start. 

CUSTOMER: Hannes Camper SINCE: January 2023

Successful positioning of Hannes Camper as a manufacturer on the market and increase in brand awareness. 


Press releases, press conference for CMT 2023, individual story pitches, initiation and organization of test drives and interviews.


More than 80 publications to date with a reach of over 155 million. Including multi-page test sections in CamperVans, Reisemobil International, promobil Campingbusse, ADAC, Auto Bild reisemobil and others.Video productions such as Spiegel Online, Clever Campen and cover stories in relevant industry media such aspromobil Campingbusse, CamperVans and Auto Bild reisemobil as well as presentations in high-reach online media: includingWelt Online, NTV Online, t-online,, The Hannes Camper Van is in high demand and has won over renowned camping experts.