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Vacationing in nature is booming and has become more of a lifestyle than a form of vacation. This is also the view of our customers, whom we bring into the conversation with their strong accommodations, products and services. Today, nature-based and sustainable travel can be anything - from purist to luxurious.

We, , that's Ina and Karo, two communication professionals with over twelve years of PR and copywriting experience in tourism as well as a strong enthusiasm for all topics related to camping, outdoor and nature-based travel.

With Camp Komm we combine our passion with what we do best: communication. In doing so, we not only provide strategic consulting, but also take care of the complete implementation of our services.

The Team

We met about ten years ago at a PR agency in Hamburg, where we worked together on destinations like Miami and Scotland, hotels like Beach Motels and Dock Inn , and tour operators like Thomas Cook and G Adventures.

Karolin Turck from Camp Komm Communication consulting

Karo discovered her love of camping and being outdoors in summer 2009 on her first big van tour in a VW T4 Multivan through southern Sweden.

Since then, outdoor holidays have been her thing - but for years she exchanged her mobile base for a pair of hiking boots and a tent. In 2013, she even went around the globe for a year with them. Five years ago, a squeaky yellow, self-constructed VW T5 moved in with the PR consultant and together they toured all over Europe from the Lofoten to the Mediterranean Sea. 

However, Karo no longer travels alone, but together with her husband and their two little daughters. At Camp Komm she is therefore the expert for family topics. 

Her favourite travel destination, besides Scandinavia, is the small green country of Slovenia - for which the 35-year-old from Hamburg also took over the destination PR for years.

Ina Bohse from Camp Komm Communications Consulting

Ina was infected with the camping and outdoor virus right after graduating from high school. In 2003, she travelled across Spain for five weeks with her car and tent, the following year through Italy, and one year later she backpacked from New York to San Francisco. Ina always has a lot on her mind, likes to travel a lot - and currently prefers to do so in her own VW T4 Walter. 

Ina's mottoRather live unusually! Together with her partner, the 39-year-old lives and works between bad weather and sunshine - in Hamburg and on Mallorca. During and after her German studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum, she lived in the USA for a few years. So it's no wonder that the land of opportunity is one of her favorite outdoor and camping destinations, along with Spain and Portugal.

The author of the first German-language guide book for Brooklyn likes the simple life, feels most comfortable by the sea and dreams of a tiny house surrounded by nature.


In the last twelve years we have supported many different destinations, hotels, ferry companies and tour operators with their press relations. Here's a small excerpt: